10 alternatives to plastic packaging

An aluminum-free milk pack? A plastic-free take-away food industry? Is there such things as alternative to the old-fashioned plastic packaging? Yes, there is.

According to a publication by Kantar in September 2019 titled “Who Cares, Who Does: Consumer response to plastic waste”, plastic is top of mind for customers when it comes to reducing environmental impacts of grocery shopping. More than 74% of European consumers say they have recently changed their purchasing habits based on product packaging. Consumers’ priority? Ensuring that their packaging does not end up in landfills or oceans.

Alternatives to plastic packaging is now part of the answers to our fight against plastic pollution. Schoolab, an innovation studio based in Paris, San Francisco and Ho Chi Minh City, has selected 10 innovative alternatives in terms of sustainable packaging. Download their free White Paper on alternatives to plastic packaging https://theschoolab.com/en/launch-innovative-products/plastic-pollution-whitepaper-packaging/.

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