EPPIC: Innovation to find way out of Plastic Problem

Indonesia is showing its commitment to solving plastic pollution and is being more active than ever!

Last Monday, the Secretariat of National Coordination Team for Marine Debris Handling of Indonesia (TKN PSL) and the Archipelagic and Island States (AIS) Secretariat organized a webinar “Innovation to Find Way Out of the Plastic Problem”.

The webinar invited representatives of UNDP Viet Nam and Indonesia, relevant governmental agencies in Indonesia, and other key stakeholders in Indonesia, Viet Nam, and the Philippines, to come together and discuss the issues of plastic pollution in the region. The webinar also introduced the EPPIC program which is planned to be launched in Indonesia and the Philippines in 2021.

For the full recording of the webinar, please access via this link: https://undp.zoom.us/rec/share/8JlSE43uq9RMZ0xbbPTX595Lr9xvLetcUmbc4S6fGLB9_2fqvB1GMUpFXbNyyvI.MH1CE4Azv66KkL9e 

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