JICA engages Quang Ninh PPC and explores EPPIC Shop and DWP5C Models

JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) took a distinct approach when engaging with Quang Ninh and its environmental projects. JICA’s involvement in the region is characterized by a commitment to sharing Japanese expertise and best practices.

During JICA’s visit to Quang Ninh, they initiated discussions with the Quang Ninh Provincial People’s Committee (PPC), highlighting their focus on collaboration and knowledge sharing. JICA visited the EPPIC Shop and the DWP5C Project, mirroring Norad’s activities in the region.

Exploring the EPPIC Shop

Following the meeting with Quang Ninh PPC, JICA embarked on a visit to the EPPIC Shop. The EPPIC Shop is a flagship initiative under the Ending Plastic Pollution Innovation Challenge (EPPIC) in Ha Long City. It acts as a showcase for innovative solutions and products aimed at tackling the pervasive issue of plastic pollution. The shop features the finalists and winners of the EPPIC, who have developed creative and sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics.

During their visit to the EPPIC Shop, JICA representatives engaged in discussions with the shopkeepers and project leaders. The focus of these discussions revolved around the shop’s regular activities, its role in promoting alternative materials for commercial use in Ha Long.

Exploring the DWP5C Models

The second key aspect of JICA’s visit was the exploration of the DWP5C Models. The DWP5C Project encompasses various waste management practices, including composting, waste classification at the source, and efficient waste collection. It aims to transform waste management practices in Quang Ninh and create a cleaner, more sustainable environment.

JICA’s representatives met with Mr. Nguyen Van Duong, a representative of Quang Ninh Farmer’s Union, who provided insights into the key achievements and milestones of the DWP5C Project. This exchange of information and experiences laid the groundwork for potential collaboration in implementing Japanese waste management best practices within the project.


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