Which countries are eligible to apply?

To apply to EPPIC, at least one member of your team must be a citizen of an ASEAN country: Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Viet Nam, the Philippines, Brunei, Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia, or Laos.

If I am applying as a company, do I need to be registered and where?

You do not need to be a legal entity at the time of application. If you are selected as a winner in the EPPIC Final Pitching Competition in November 2023, however, you or your organisation must register as a legal entity in one of the ASEAN member states in order to receive the incubation training and seed funding.

I don’t speak English. Can I still apply?

As long as at least one member of your team is able to communicate clearly and present the solution in English, yes, you are eligible to apply.

After starting my application, can I come back to it later?

No, you must complete all of the questions at once and submit the application in full. We recommend carefully preparing your responses in advance, so that you are able to simply copy and paste them into the application form.

Can I apply to both the Kaysone Phomvihane City and Sihanoukville challenges?

No, you must select only one of the two target locations for your application.

If I am selected as one of the top 15 finalists, how many members of my team will receive the incubation training and be invited to the EPPIC Final Pitching Competition?

There is a maximum of 03 members from your team selected to join the training and acceleration programme. There are 01 members who will be covered to join the Pitching Round. If other members would like to join, all costs will be borne by themselves.

When will the incubation programme start?

The incubation programme will be from August to November 2023.

Will the incubation and impact acceleration take place online or also in-person? Are travel expenses covered by EPPIC?

The incubation training will include online courses, webinars, coaching, and mentoring. Field visits to the EPPIC challenge sites are also planned. Travel expenses will be covered by EPPIC for one member of your team.

I am already incubated through another competition in one of the ASEAN member countries. Can I still apply?

Congratulations! And yes, you are welcome to apply to EPPIC.

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