Plastic Pollution Challenge

The average Filipino uses 591 pieces of sachets yearly, 212 pieces of this are from body care and cleaning products. Single use sachets makes up to 52% of the residual waste stream that ends in our landfills or oceans.. The Island Garden City of Samal also reflects the same buying behavior with the rest of the country.


Studies have shown that the D and E households are more than 60% most likely to buy products in sachets. The Eco Shift® Coin Operated Refillery System or CORS will help people from the D and E communities transition into a sachet free lifestyle in their body care and cleaning needs, taking into account  their need for products that are affordable and accessible.


    The Coin Operated Refillery System machines works as your traditional vending machine but with products  dispensed  for body and home care products made by The Eco Shift®. The current refill stations available are inaccessible to the D & E market segments who has the highest propensity to use single use sachets. 


By providing an accessible and affordable option thru the The Eco Shift® Coin Operated Refillery System (CORS),  in lieu of single use sachets for body care and cleaning products, there can be a significant reduction of single use sachets in the Philippines within the next five years.

  • 100% Sachet Free, eliminates plastic at the source, fewer sachets in landfill and our oceans
  • Affordability:  The Eco Shift® Products are cheaper resulting in increase purchasing power of the consumers
  • Accessibility & Scalability: Machines can be made  in compact form so it can be placed in Sari Sari, supermarkets and groceries  nationwide
  • Convenient to use, only takes one coin to dispense
  • Profitability at least  80% gross profit margins for store owners  versus 10% margins from branded sachets
  • Employment : Since we are a local manufacturer, we can set up a community based soap making facility to mitigate logistics costs and challenges, providing jobs in the local community

Business Model

The Eco Shift® Coin Operated Refillery System is a  business to consumer model which generates income based on the number of refills sold from the vending machine  Money made from the machines is used to purchase additional inventory, cover maintenance costs and expand the business. After all those expenses are covered, the remaining funds are profits for the CORS machine owner.

Traction & Key Metrics

The Eco Shift® has four physical stores in Metro Manila with thousands of user generated product reviews making it the brand of choice for those seeking plastic free options in their personal care needs.

The Eco Shift®’s CORS solution will help provide an option for low income consumers who prefers buying in tingi or portions without the single use sachets. 


We envision a world wherein plastic use becomes an exception rather than the norm.

Our goal is to have a The Eco Shift®  CORS machine  in at least 500 Barangays in the next 5 years.


For the initial roll out of the Coin Operated Refillery System in the Island Garden City of Samal, we are seeking an initial seed funding of 18000 USD.

Marketing 35%
Machines 40%
Inventory 15%
Set-up 10%


For more informations about us :

Ms. Irene M. Villaespin



Phone No.: (63) 908 883 8563