Plastic Pollution Challenge

There are 2.4 million students enrolled in universities in Vietnam every year. They go to campus to study and socialize, eating and drinking daily. The main plastic waste items generated on the campus are single-use plastics, styrofoam cups and food containers .


AYA provides end-to-end solutions, including training, know-how, software, and hardware, to implement the campus’s sharing cup system. We collaborate and strengthen our solution with Schoolab Vietnam (Innovation training center), who is implementing Deplasticfying in Campus in different universities.


AYA provides embedded tech solutions and high-quality reusable cups and food containers for cantines, food and drink vendors on campus to replace the use of disposables. Students can borrow the reusables and return them at collection points around campus.


    An upstream innovation, redesign how students reuse cups within their campus. We design-out single-use plastic, right at the source – with our closed-loop system of cup lending in a closed and controlled environment.

    Our innovation comes from the effort of changing people’s behavior. Besides, we collaborate with multiple stakeholders to keep a lean operation for this long term project.

Impact Model

SDG 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities:

As reusable cups are circulated and reused thousands of times, there is no waste to be collected, hence reducing transportation and energy needed for waste management and recycling,  pollution and public costs for municipalities.

SDG 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production,  SDG 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth:

By replacing low quality single-use plastic cups with durable BPA free reusable cups in a systematic way, the project can reduce plastic consumption from the source.

Business Model

Vendors who join the system pay a flat fee of USD 30/month, and it’s free for students. The primary financial resources will come from sponsors, donations and government grants.


Education level # of students (milion) # of schools Est.disposable cups  used per day Est.disposable cups used per semester (180 days)
Elementary 7.8 15,254 1,495,890 269,260,274
Lower secondary 5.14 10,320 985,753 177,435,616
Upper secondary

(incl Trade schools Universities, Colleges)

2.4 2,399 25,571 4,602,740
Total 15.34 27,973 2,507,215 451,298,630

Traction and Key Metrics


  • Provide Cup Sharing solution at Music Festival Epizode 2019. Saved 44.000 single-use plastic cups.
  • Provide Cup Sharing Solution at Marathon Lakerun 2020. Saved 2300 single-use plastic cups.

We already have sponsors:

  • VSVA (Grant);
  • Mitsui Chemical (Grant);
  • co (Mobile App);
  • Schoolab – Deplasyticfying Campus (Design thinking and training for students).



Educate, empower, and unite Gen Z with corporations to collectively create sustainable shared values in eradicating single-use plastic on campuses in Vietnam and Asia.


We are looking for sponsors for hardware (reusable cups and containers), washing machines and transportation as well as financial support for: human resources, purchasing hardware (cups and washing stations) and software, and maintaining facilities to launch and implement programs in 3 universities in 2021.


For more informations about us :

Ms. Le Thuy Linh - Founder & CEO




Phone No.: +84 96 895 1929