Plastic Pollution Challenge

Based on the WACS conducted by WWF (2021) in ICAGOS, the LGU generates around 13,000 kg of solid wastes daily and 46% of that are plastics. With the limited land area of samal island, the accumulation of solid wastes pose a serious threat to the environment and surrounding communities.


Instead of accumulating in landfills, qualified plastic wastes can be collected by Ecoloop for co-processing.

Co-processing is the recovery of thermal (heat) and mineral properties of qualified waste materials while manufacturing cement.


    Currently, there is no technology that is able to use end-of-life plastics for large-scale recycling or upcycling. With its advocacy on circularity economy, ecoloop provides innovation on waste management through co-processing, where end-of-life plastics that have no value are used as alternative fuels or raw materials in cement manufacturing process.


With an efficient system to divert residual plastic wastes away from the landfill and waterways, the LGU will be able to:

  • Hit diversion targets
  • Provide income opportunity to waste sorters
  • Save on landfilling costs; and
  • Involve the community in advocating circular economy

Environmental Impact

  • Reduction of end-of-life plastics accumulating in landfills
  • Increase of plastic waste diversion to a more sustainable co-processing method

Economic Impact

  • Income opportunity to waste sorters
  • Savings to the LGU related to the development of another landfill

Social and Health Impact

  • Involvement of informal sector in waste management
  • Improvement of community mindset to look at waste as a valuable resource
  • Improvement of overall community health and well-being because of reduction in solid waste pollution in land and waterways

Business Model

Municipal wastes are collected, segregated, shredded, and baled by the LGU.  These are then collected and delivered to Republic Cement plants for co-processing.

Traction & Key Metrics

  • Total volume of wastes diverted away from the landfill
  • LGU savings on landfilling costs


  • Republic Cement has partnered with LGUs (45) and private companies, and has diverted at least 10 million plastic equivalents sachets everyday in 2021.
  • Republic Cement has the potential to divert 320K kg, equivalent to 64 dump trucks, of wastes annually in IGACOS.


Funds will be used to purchase industrial shredder and baler and to incentivize waste sorters and provide them income opportunities.

Plastic Shredder 500,000 10,000
Plastic Baler 200,000 4,000
Incentives to Waste Sorters 100,000 2,000
Other expenses, Shredder Fuel 50,000 1,000


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