Plastic Pollution Challenge

Single-use plastic products may epitomize  convenience, but with the damage that they  cause through production, distribution, and  litter, they are a major threat to the  environment and human health. Currently,  40% of plastic produced is packaging, used  just once, and then discarded.

This issue was also faced in Mandalika. Data collected  by the EPPIC team, indicates that PP constitutes 69.57% of the plastic waste,  including plastic utensils and straws. On the other hand, Mandalika is also  a melting pot of tourists from all over the world and if not managed  properly, this tourism could lead to a bigger plastic waste issue. As a step to tackle  the plastic pollution issue, the government has made regulations regarding single-use plastics in various regions. Unfortunately, the  solution is more to accommodate the middle to upper classes, even though  marginalized groups contribute a great amount of waste due to lack  of waste facilities and proper knowledge about the issue.


Looking at the problem of plastic pollution, Indonesia is the 2nd largest  plastic producer in the world. Much residual plastic packaging trash has filled our natural environments which will take hundreds of years to dissolve. From that, Evo&Co are looking for a solution to provide eco-friendly products. All of Evo&Co products biodegrade in nature within one year. They are all environmentally safe. Besides that, Evo&Co realizes that we need to work together to create a world without plastic pollution. As a solution, Evo&Co will initiate a campaign that collaborates with many stakeholders from the government, companies, and many more.


    With the circular economy as our core value,  our products come from nature and go back to nature in the most efficient way. Ello Jello, our first innovation are edible cups that replace the disposable plastic cup. They are made from seaweed and other plant-based  materials, not just safe for the environment  but also great for the body as they are rich in  fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

    The next innovation is a disposable and edible sheet  made from seaweed to  replace disposable plastic  sachets. This product was created by Noriyawati Mulyono and marketed by  Evo&Co. However, as we realize that we need to create a bigger impact, we have begun to provide other  alternative products to  replace the single-use  plastic product.


Our vision is to create a world without plastic pollution by providing and  innovating solutions for single-use plastics. We also make sure our  business has a positive impact on society, and all partners with whom we work. Inclusivity, collaboration and fairness are our fundamental values for our partnerships.

As we see on the chart, Evo&Co has reduced 13.092.018 pcs plastic bags  over the past 3 years. The second plastic item that Evo&Co has reduced  8.469.315 pcs of plastic food containers.. Throughout the years, to  achieve this impact, we’ve been working with businesses, NGOs,  governments, and even individuals to reduce plastic pollution. For the last  three years, we’ve avoided approximately 191 tons of plastics before  polluting the ocean and landfills. We do beach clean-ups, plant trees,  and much more. Following the circular economic model, we want to make our  products from nature and ensure they get back to nature. We don’t just reduce plastic consumption, we also spread plastic awareness by creating various social campaigns to engage with people with disabilities and other marginalized communities.

Business Model

Evo & Co. aims to create a world without plastic waste by providing and  innovating solutions for single-use plastics, and creating a collaborative  plastic awareness movement. Evo & Co. heads multiple brands, which are  Evoware, Evoworld and the Rethink Campaign. Evoware’s mission is to  provides more biodegradable alternatives to single-use plastic products  using seaweed and increase the livelihoods of seaweed farmers in  Indonesia. Evoworld provides a wide range of alternatives to single-use  plastic items, from biodegradable and compostable, to edible. As we realize  that we can not achieve our mission alone,  we have developed a collaborative movement of individuals, communities, governments, brands, and  companies, called Rethink Campaign.

Traction & Key Metrics

From our traction, we have achieved significant sales from 2020 to 2021 due to the government regulations banning plastic pollution. Our customer are  divided into three groups: companies, consumers, and international  distributors. We exported about two 40 feet containers to Australia in  2021. Our most high-demand product is Cassava Bags which make up about  60% of our sales. Straws make up 25% and  Seaweed Based Packaging makes up 4%. From the customer side, we have local  sales make up 71% of our market and international sales make up 29%. We have reached  about 22 countries to distribute our products including Japan, Europe and  many more. Besides that, we have the Rethink Program which has launched around 17 program activities over the past 4 years.


In 2022, Evo&Co aims to to reduce plastic packaging by 21 million pcs.  Our step to achieve that is to build wholesale distribution in 18 Provinces  across Indonesia, approaching development countries such as the USA,  Europe, Canada, Japan, and India, and do more research to initiate more  innovative products.

From the campaign side, Evo&Co aims to conduct 20 Rethink  Campaign programmes and open collaboration for 200,000 people joining  from many different backgrounds but especially companies, governments, universities, and  communities.


The Target Addressable Market in Global Green Packaging in 2020 is USD  247.30bn. In five years, it is expected to increase and become USD 367bn. The  Serviceable Available Market, compared to Global Green Packaging  Company is about 4.6% from TAM, so it will become USD 12.6bn in 2020 and  USD 16.9 bn in 2025. Evo&Co’s target in five years is the Serviceable Obtainable  Market, which is 0.1% from SAM amounted to 20mn in Global Green  Packaging Industry.

To achieve that target, Evo&Co has built a strong downstream social  business for the past five years. Evo&Co has won awards from Forbes, the Ellen  MacArthur Foundation, DBS Foundation, and many more. Evo&Co has been seen on  media such as BBC, CNN, World Economic Forum and more. For now, Evo&Co  investors are angel investors with seed funding, with a total investment of  USD 150.000 and looking at fundraising for USD 300.000 – USD 400.000.


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