Plastic Pollution Challenge

People lack knowledge about waste sorting, means of reaching waste collectors, and incentive to sort waste. This leads to waste being dumped into the sea, making waste management difficult for authorities. Currently, there are 0.8 tons of uncollected plastic waste in the ocean.


mGreen is a mobile app that educates people about waste segregation, rewards them for taking part in recycling activities, and connects residents with collectors and merchants at shops and stores.


    We built 3 mobile applications for 3 groups of users – waste collectors, households, and store owners. This system encourages residents to sort garbage at home, helping collectors collect waste conveniently. Furthermore, the mGreen loyalty coalition platform also provides a system for merchant promotions, where points can be exchanged by mGreen users for customer care programs.

Impact Model

SDG 9 – Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure:

Develop new aerogel materials from plastic waste to be used for oil spill clean up, heat and sound insulation; enhancing research and upgrading industrial technologies; promoting sustainable industrialization through the project’s manufacturing production.

SDG 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities:

The mGreen app is a supportive approach, contributing to build smart, modern, and civilized cities. 

SDG 13 – Climate Action:

Prevent the harmful effects of plastic pollution; reduce CO2 emissions by reducing energy use, reusing and recycling different products.

SDG 17 – Partnership for the Goals:

Loyalty cooperation with companies to build a circular economy for plastic waste.

Business Model

Stage 1: User sorts his/her waste, enters the weight of the sorted waste into the mGreen App, gets his/her submission validated by a collector through the mGreen collector app, and earns points based on the collector’s scoring.

Stage 2: Collector sells his/her collected waste to a recycling plant. mGreen receives an intermediary fee from that plant.

Stage 3: User switches his/her points for vouchers and gift codes from mGreen merchant users so that they can receive incentives when buying at the merchants’ stores. These stores then return commissions from the increased sales to mGreen.

Besides, mGreen charges fees for implementing CSR programs for businesses and corporations on environmental activities.


“30,000 tons of generated waste per day are recyclable waste. These wastes are valued at approximately USD 200 million per year. (according to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment). mGreen expects to capture 5% of this market, which is USD 10 million.”

mGreen‘s potential competitors include GRAC, RALAVA app, etc. These are apps that support users to classify trash at source and earn points for redemption. However, until now they have not been able to attract many customers and users. Some waste management apps in Southeast Asia, such as KoomKah (Thailand) and Eazy (SIngapore), are growing but are not popular outside the host country borders.

Traction and Key Metrics

  • From 2018-2020, mGreen was implemented in 10 provinces in Vietnam, with 50 launch events and ‘Greendays’ (Events where people redeem recycled waste in exchange for points and gifts via the mGreen app);
  • Created 100 recycling collector jobs and 120 Environment Ambassadors (students who help to promote mGreen and spread awareness about waste sorting); contributed to the collection of 200 tons of recycling waste;
  • mGreen has also achieved National and International awards, including ‘Technology to cope with Climate change’ from the Worldbank, the Ministry of Science and Technology (of Viet Nam) and the Vietnam Women’s Union; Asia-pacific Innovation Social Award 2019; Top 3 Hanoi Smart City and Innovation Solution.


mGreen’s ultimate goal is to collect and sort 1 million tons of recyclable waste, which will contribute to reduce the equivalent of 1 million tons of CO2 in the atmosphere. mGreen also wishes to create 10,000 more jobs for waste scavengers, and advance the efficiency of waste management by engaging every citizen to take part in the process.

In the next 3 years, mGreen will become the leader in providing technology solutions to waste management, and 70%  Vietnamese households will use our mGreen application.


We are calling for investment of USD 500,000 for: 

  • R&D: 20%
  • Operation: 30%
  • Market Expansion: 20%
  • Marketing: 30%

With this investment, mGreen can reach 1 million residents and occupy 5% of Vietnam’s waste management market by 2023 while collecting 1.5 million tons of recyclable waste. mGreen can also contribute to the circular economy by growing to become a platform for FMCG and 10 of the biggest brand owners in Vietnam to collect and recycle packaging materials of their products.


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