Plastic Pollution Challenge

Single-use plastics, are leaked into the environment every minute causing a variety of problems, such as:

  • Choking our rivers and oceans; 
  • Killing animals both on land and in the water;
  • Entering our food chain; 
  • Creating human health problems.

Unfortunately, in many cases there are no convenient alternatives to purchasing products in plastic bottles or bags, which leads to more use of virgin plastics and leaking of plastic waste into the environment.


Refill Day addresses these problems before they become a problem by preventing virgin plastics from being used in the first place. We provide a convenient alternative to single-use plastic by refilling reusable containers with trusted products at our customers’ homes, offices, restaurants or hotels.


    Refill Đây is an innovation synthesizing two existing ideas that no one else has tried before: motorbike delivery and refill stores. In many ways, it is similar to Mailing and DVDs, which is how Netflix started. 

    The issue with refill stores is accessibility of both location and product brand. The refill shops require customers to come to the store with their containers. This is problematic if one lives far from the store as it is easier to just go to the local convenience store. Additionally, these refill shops tend to sell 100% all-natural and expensive brands that most customers have never heard of. By delivering well-known, trusted brands to the consumers’ doorstep, Refill Đây addresses both of these problems and brings an innovative new concept to the marketplace.

Impact Model

  • Our core purpose is to minimize single-use plastic.
  • We will provide educational materials to our customers.
  • Our suppliers will retool their production facilities to sell their products in larger size containers.
  • We will provide jobs for delivery drivers and shop sales representatives.
  • Our aggressive medium-term goal is to have one refill station (job) for each of the 259 wards in HCMC. Longer term will scale up across the country.
  • We will work with the Women’s Union of each ward and province to hire women for our available positions.
  • We will also rely on the Women’s Union to assist us in our word of mouth marketing activities.
  • Less plastic in landfills and littered on the streets equate to less GHG emissions.
  • Less plastic will be leaked into the streams, rivers and ocean
  • Less plastic will be leaked on land impacting wildlife and less to be burned releasing toxic gases.


Business Model

Refill Day’s business model is a retail/delivery model where we sell and deliver products to customers at their homes or offices. 

  • The gross margin on our current products ranges from 25% to 60% depending on the product. 
  • The four major operational costs and estimated structure are staff salaries (38%), product inventory (37%), warehouse cost (19%) and fuel/admin expenses (6%). 
  • Our revenue streams will be both transaction-based and recurring/subscription and come from these three primary markets: (1) green-minded consumers, (2) small restaurants, cafes and hotels, and (3) low-income customers who rely on purchasing sachets.


According to Euromonitor (2020), more Vietnamese consumers are becoming aware of the issues with plastic. For example, one can see a proliferation of non-plastic straws in many higher-end and eco-conscious coffee shops and restaurants. 

In 2019 a market study conducted for Unilever’s Seventh Generation brand identified the green consumer market segment as approximately 650,000 people in HCMC. This is 7% of the HCMC market and fits the profile of our primary market.

Traction and Key Metrics

Since its conception in May 2020, Refill Đây has been recognized in two international competitions. They are: 

  • Winner People’s Choice Award in RMIT University’s International Activator Competition; 
  • Top 14 out of 159 contestants in the UNDP Ending Plastic Pollution Innovation Challenge. 

In the past 8 months the concept has developed through a collaborative and consultative effort with the following top-of-class corporate, NGO and governmental partners:


We envision a world where the refill/milkman model has disrupted the home grocery and goods delivery service. We envision a world where a working parent can leave empty containers in a locker in the morning and come home to find full containers of trusted products in the evening. We envision a mobile-app where customers can easily order all of their refillables and track the number of plastic bottles they have saved from going into the environment. We envision a massive warehouse distribution center with solar panels charging our delivery scooters. We envision a delivery model without plastic.


For 2021 we are seeking funding totaling of $USD 50,000 which will be spent to develop an application for managing the business, prototype testing and communications:

Item %
Campaigns and communications  40%
App Development + R&D + Strategy 20%
Market Development/Train the trainers  20%
Fund-raising for community projects 10%
Direct sponsorship 10%


For more informations about us :

Mr. Nhan Nguyen - Founder




Phone No.: +84908418286

This is one of the four winners of the Ending Plastic Pollution Innovation Challenge (EPPIC) 2020