Winning entries of the photo competition ‘Story of Plastic Waste’

14 best entries have been selected for the winning prizes, among more than 8,400 submissions to the photo competition ‘Story of Plastic Waste’, organised by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Viet Nam and Tạp chí Nghề Nghiệp và Cuộc Sống (Career & Life) magazine.

“Plastic recycling” – Author: Tran Van Tuy


Congratulations to our winners! Check out the winning photos on OUR FACEBOOK PAGE OCEAN OR PLASTIC!

🔹 Entry “The plastic waste issue” – Author: Nguyen Doan Ket
🔹 Entry “A young CEO with a passion for waste collection in Da Nang: 10 years of volunteer seabed cleanup” – Author: Nguyen Giang Nam
🔹 Entry “Plastic recycling” – Author: Tran Van Tuy
🔹 Entry “Let’s protect our environment!” – Author: Pham Van Thanh
🔹 Entry “Nature is calling for help” – Author: Dinh Ngoc Bao
🔹 Entry “No more plastic” – Author: Binh Thuan Vocational College’s Youth Union
🔹 Entry “Where we live” – Author: Nguyen Ngoc Son
🔹 Entry “Fish aren’t the only things being set free into the Da river on the Kitchen Gods’ Day” – Author: Luu Trong Dat
🔹 Entry “Silent Work” – Author: Kha Thanh Tri Dat
🔹 Entry “Plastic waste is killing marine animals” – Author: Pham Hong Manh
🔹 Entry “The footsteps of waste” – Author: Nguyen Thi Ly Giang
🔹 Entry “Nature’s call for help” – Author: Nguyen Trang Kim Cuong
🔹 Entry “Hero at a wharf” – Author: Vo Hoai Nam
🔹 Entry “Reflection” – Group of authors: Do Thuy Linh, Hoang Nhat Minh, Nguyen Quynh Hoa

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